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Quirky Characteristics Of Some Of Our Favourite Cat Breeds! – Skip and Scamper

Quirky Characteristics Of Some Of Our Favourite Cat Breeds!

Cats have some Quirky Characteristics! And Some Of Them Might be Specific To Their Domestic Breed. Here Are Some Funny Things Cats Do!


Domestic cat breeds are incredibly varied!

Overall, there are between 40-70 different recognized breeds of domestic cats; however, this is split into two separate categories and is heavily dependent on what organization you ask for the data!t

The CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) says it recognizes that there are 42 pedigree breeds of domestic cats; meanwhile, the TICA, (The International Cat Association) states that it recognizes 71 domestic cat breeds.

Obviously, the difference is in the pedigree status of your can. Whether you have a pure breed or a moggy, the traits may still be there! This can be hard to trace if there is no paperwork proving the breeding bloodline. Still, we are interested in some of the quirky behaviors and characteristics that some cat breeds have over other breeds.

So what behaviors and characteristics are indicative of certain breeds? 

Let’s have a lighthearted look at some of the funny things our feline friends do!

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon breed of cat is considered to be the only long-hair breed native to the United States of America. The ayre lion-like in appearance can lead some people to believe that they are fiercer than they actually are!

Maine Coon cats are definitely on the larger end of the scale of domestic cats; however, their inherently soft and gentle nature is quite the polar opposite in relation to their stature.

These cats are graceful and fall in love with their owners and their home comforts. Still, given their size, they can be a little clumsy as they tend to fall into a “love trance” when they are receiving attention and petting, which can make their legs a bit wobbly!

Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat is such an affectionate and loving breed of cat!

This breed actively craves attention much like an infant would, and being close to their humans makes them incredibly happy cats!

The Burmese breed can be incredibly demanding when it comes to love and attention. They have a tendency to follow their owner humans around the home. They are known to “Cry” for attention and love (which is easy to give given that they have the most beautiful features!) They are incredibly vocal cats!

This cat breed tends to be incredibly good climbers, so you may find them swinging from the curtains and soft furnishings and even climbing up human limbs so they can sit on laps and shoulders and receive the attention they need. 

Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are known as incredibly vocal cats, and they will actually shout for love, attention, and food!

The funniest thing is about these cats is that they know what they want, and they certainly know how to get it! They are incredibly agile and will climb to their heart’s content to get up onto worktops or top of wardrobes to play.

The Siamese cat breed is incredibly sociable and will often seek the attention of a new face to scout them out while keeping a close eye on their owner to make sure they don’t find any other feline friends. Siamese cats can be incredibly possessive!

Norweigan Forest Cat

The common misconception about this beast of a beautiful cat is that it can be a little standoffish. Still, this breed of cat is actually very docile, loving, and affectionate.

While they are not necessarily needy cats, they love a lap cuddle and love being around their people.

You may find this breed peeking behind curtains if they encounter new people, as they can be a bit cautious and shy to start with, but as they grow in confidence with them, they will come over for an investigation.

Rag Doll Cat

This cat breed is described as the most docile breed of them all and can be almost dog-like in ownership and devotion to its people.

Rag Doll cats are adventurous and investigative, making them quirky to observe in everyday life, as some indoor escapades can be highly amusing to watch.

Their beautiful features make it impossible to not love this breed of cat, but it can be best to let them come to you for love and affection.

2 Comments on “Quirky Characteristics Of Some Of Our Favourite Cat Breeds!”

  • Janet nicholson


    My mixed breed cat (12) male, declawed, neutered house cat has developed a very itchy psoriasis like spot under his neck. I have cut away much of his long fur to get a better look at it. He loves to scratch it (without claws is hard to do) but he keeps on itching. What can I do to help it heal up? He is not sick in any way, and seems to be flea free. HELP!

    • Brian McKenney


      Change his food he may be allergic

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